Bedroom Style Ideas

Need some inspirations for improving your bedroom?  HD Homestyle can also help with a complete bedroom makeover!

Bedroom style ideas:

Bedroom color scheme

Choosing a color scheme can be tricky but it is essential to think about it as it can help making smaller bedroom appearing cosier and brighter. Neutral tones or cool shades can be great in south-facing bedrooms while bright colors will help with north-facing bedrooms. HD HomeStyle likes using tonal scheme where we use one colour in several tones and where use textiles like velvet cushions and floral curtains.

Bedroom Lighting ideas

Relaxing and Practical – two essential keywords when looking at bedroom lighting ideas. As important as the color of the bedroom walls,  lighting improve the style of the room.  Dimming lights will help with achieving a relaxed atmosphere before bedtime and lights in the bedroom wardrobe is certainly practical.

Carpet is not the only option for bedroom flooring

In Europe, it’s very common to have tiles in bedrooms. As long as you opt for warm colors, the bedroom will certainly look fantastic.  Other options for bedroom flooring are wooden floors or floor boards. A cheaper option with the same wooden effect is the wood laminate flooring.  On these types of flooring,  a rug can actually also be added and would probably feel less cold during winter.

Children bedroom style ideas

For children bedroom, it’s all about storage and bright soft furnishing. Opt for neutral colors like grey (which is not always a first choice) and accessorize the bedroom with their artwork. If the bedroom is large enough, consider having a playing area where you could accessorize with lots of cushions and rug.

Need more bespoke bedroom style ideas?

Contact us for a free consultation and advice for bedroom style ideas. HD HomeStyle will then create a board with samples of materials and color scheme for your bedroom. Don’t forget to also visit our Pinterest board!

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