Bespoke Kitchens in Marlow

Kitchens : the heart of the home. We have a comprehensive range of quality kitchens designed and fitted to your specification. HD Homestyle is gas safe registered and have worked on many kitchens. Installing a new kitchen, renovating an existing one or extending kitchens – We have a handyman for you!

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Bespoke Kitchens in Marlow

Create your dream kitchen with HD Complete Solutions Limited. Bespoke kitchens don’t have to be a costly project. We will review all your kitchen ideas and make them come true. HD Complete Solutions Limited provide services in Marlow, High Wycombe, Beaconsfield, Aylesbury… We look forward to install your bespoke kitchen.

Kitchen Styles

Find the perfect style for your bespoke kitchen. Whether your style is modern or traditional, our inspirations and ideas have no limits for your dream kitchen!

1) Contemporary Kitchens

Difficult to define what a modern kitchen is. Also known as contemporary, a modern kitchen uses the latest cabinets and units. Some of us call it “the new old” but we think it more like bright, creative and bespoke to your own vision. A modern kitchen can’t be restricted to one specific term since the abstract style is evolving.

A modern kitchen will use bright colours to accentuate a specific areas. Forget about white goods! Colourful appliances are part of your modern kitchen.

2) Traditional kitchens

Traditional kitchens are also referred as country-style. Wood cabinets and units will achieve the look of a country-style kitchen. Every details and embellishments of your kitchen will count: beam ceilings, antique kitchen units, glass doors for your cabinets, raised-panel doors…


Several worktop materials are available: Laminate, Granite, Glass, Wood and Stainless Steel. Which one to go for? Choose the material that works for your top priorities. How easy would you be able to clean your worktops? is it heat-resistant? Think about the style you want to achieve in your kitchen and also evaluate how practical  it will be.

This is a comparison of worktop materials:

Worktops Cleaning options  Pros  Cons
Laminate mild detergent Wide selection of colours. Cheapest worktop option. Not as durable and can deteriorate quickly
Granite mild washing up solutions Long Lasting. Recommended surface for pastry bakers. Very expensive. Drink stains might be difficult to remove
Glass microfribe cloth Long Lasting More difficult to keep it spotless
Stainless Steel non-abrasive detergent Inexpensive, Heat Resistant, hygienic, waterproof Marks easily
Wood Oil coat Eco-friendly, hygienic, easy to clean water marks, rust stains

Kitchen extensions

We do also kitchen extensions! kitchen extensions are the most popular home improvement projects in UK but especially in Marlow area.  Want more space and storage in your small kitchen? The solution is a kitchen extension.

Extension helps with opening up space. Mum is no longer alone in the kitchen! By knocking the wall between your dining room and kitchen, you can create additional space for your family.  Planning permission isn’t always necessary and we will be happy to consult for any kitchen projects.

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